to the PharmacoEpi and Risk Management (PRM) Newsletter

These are challenging and exciting times for the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Device Industries. As a result of societal changes and new legislation, the community of professionals concerned with product safety, pharmacoepidemiology and risk management is becoming increasingly influential and important to the future of these industries.

The MAPI Research Trust has created this newsletter to provide a forum for members of our community to discuss and debate issues relevant to their work. Our goal is to provide articles from members of the community broadly related to either applications of methods, development of new tools and reflections on regulatory developments. The PRM Newsletter can also be used as a vehicle for inviting commentary and previous experience on problems that you are actively working to solve. Each issue will contain an updated list of future meetings and highlight significant publications that might be of interest to our community. We intend to publish this newsletter every 4 months.

We welcome your contributions for inclusion in future issues of the newsletter. To do this send your contributions to Lara Bensenia at the Mapi Research Trust (lbensenia@mapigroup.com) or if you have an idea that you would like to discuss prior to writing your article, please contact the editor Dr. William Maier via email (wmaier@registratmapi.com) or by phone at either 0800 756 6473  (UK - country code 44) or 1 800 792 0457 (USA).

The deadline for article submission to Issue 05 is February 15th, 2010. Instructions for authors are available in the section "submit an article".

We hope that the PRM Newsletter will meet your needs and that you will enjoy it

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